June Whitaker

June Whitaker grew up in Grimsby, Lincolnshire (as June Priscott).

After grammar school, she worked in the Civil Service, assessing applicants for financial assistance. Her work took her into the homes of a fascinating variety of people – including convicted killers fresh out of gaol, victims of accidents and crippling physical and mental illnesses, old age pensioners eager to tell their life stories … all wonderful inspiration for future fictional characters!

After marriage, she spent many happy years living near Hull – with a second home in the area of Spain in which GABRIEL is set. She and her husband have since lived full time on Spain’s Costa del Sol. They have a daughter and grandson living nearby and a son and grandson in the United States.

June loves all things Spanish; and, thanks to family connections, she’s been privileged to participate in events normally closed to non-Spaniards, and to learn a great deal about the Spanish way of life, past and present. Her other interests include travelling, gardening, painting, bird watching and belly dancing.

GABRIEL is her first book (not yet published) and she is currently working on a second novel, set in France and Spain.

Gabriel has received the following recognition:

• Short-listed in the First Novel Prize 2018

• Long-listed in the Novel Category of the 2017 Yeovil Literary Prize

• Short-listed in the Flash 500 Novel Opening and Synopsis Competition

• Highly commended in the Retreat West First Chapter Competition 2018

• Placed third in the PENfro First Chapter Competition 2018

• Long-listed in the Cinnamon Press Fiction Prize 2018